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Summer Rock at Tilles


Aug 19, 2017 – 8:00 PM

720 Northern Boulevard (LIU post)
Greenvale, NY 11548 Map

  • Poco
  • Orleans
  • Al Stewart
  • Firefall

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Orleans: Hey everybody! Thanks for rockin' out with us all these years ... you came to the shows ... you bought the LPs, 8-tracks, cassettes and CDs ... YOU ROCK! ... and we dig you!

We're still out there havin' a blast ... traveling the globe and performing for YOU! Over the years we've changed, just like you have... but the energy and music that brought us together has NOT!

Original members Larry and Lance Hoppen are now joined by youngest brother, Lane Hoppen, on keyboards, drummer Charlie Morgan (best known for his many years with Elton John), and Dennis “Fly” Amero on guitar, filling the space left by John Hall’s 2006 election to the US Congress!.

The band remains consistently in demand for performances at public concert venues, casinos, community events and fairs, as well as private functions, corporate shows, fundraisers and positive cause-based events.

C'mon into our fan site and check us out! Get involved and stay in touch. See ya down the road!

Al Stewart: Ask Al Stewart to sum up where he is now, musically speaking, and you’re likely to wind up two steps behind where you started; this is by no means an unusual circumstance in conversation with Al, keenly aware as he is that making a leap forward often entails taking a step backward. Sometimes it’s into the library stacks where the late historian Ms. Tuchman dug for material. Sometimes it’s into the record stacks where the late rocker Mr. Cochran made his mark as a teenager singing his “Summertime Blues” so many summertime’s ago.

In many ways, the summertime of Stewart’s 2009 much more resembled his summer of 1969 than it did the summer of 1979, when his multi-million-selling “Year of the Cat” and “Time Passages” were staples of FM radio, and he was touring with saxes, synths, singers, and all the accoutrements pop stardom brings. “I don’t think I ever knew how to be in front of a band,” says Al, a little modestly. “I always felt I was loitering there while they were doing all the work.”

With the release of Uncorked, Al and musical partner Dave Nachmanoff take a trip through Stewart’s musical back pages, both in terms of the musical catalogue (they did have nearly 20 albums’ worth of songs to pick from), and in terms of performance style. After all, Al made his bones in the massively fertile folk scene that was London in the late ’60s, and he numbers among his contemporaries the likes of guitar wizards Bert Jansch and John Renbourn, singer-songwriters Roy (“Hats Off To”) Harper and Richard Thompson, and a former flatmate named Paul Simon, who went on to some celebrity upon returning to America.

Recorded live during a springtime East Coast swing, Uncorked is the first live acoustic disc Al’s done since 1992’s Rhymes In Rooms, and both he and Nachmanoff made a conscious decision not to replicate any of the tracks from that disc, even if it meant leaving off such standards as “On the Border” and the two aforementioned Top 40 hits. “Because I’ve learned all of Al’s songs, we had an opportunity to revisit some of the tunes that hadn’t been featured in more recent years,” says Nachmanoff. “I think at this point, we can actually do three or four full shows and never play the same songs twice. And while Al usually comes in to a gig with a set list in mind, often times, we’ll just throw it out and go with the flow.”

As a consequence, it sounds like the duo isn’t merely playing well (fact is, Al’s guitar work is actually even better now than it was back in the day, thanks to the acoustic touring configuration that brings his musical contributions more to the fore), it sounds like they’re having fun. And if the title tracks from albums like Last Days of the Century and Bedsitter Images don’t immediately conjure images of major-label milestones, that’s just fine with Al. “It’s much more enjoyable for me to hear myself and for the audience to hear the words,” says Stewart. “And the audience seems to agree. The way I look at it, if I can still get everybody on their hind legs at the end of a show cheering, then I’ve won.”

Like Uncorked itself, that’s vintage Al.

Firefall: The genealogy and musical roots of FIREFALL run deep into the fertile soil of American rock and folk rock music. It began with Woody Guthrie and later Bob Dylan, evolving into the Byrds and the Buffalo Springfield. The genre established by these luminaries continued with Crosby, Stills and Nash, Manassas, the Band, Neil Young, the Eagles, Poco, Loggins and Messina, the Flying Burrito Brothers, Gram Parsons and Emmylou Harris, Dan Folgelberg, America and Firefall. Many of these participants mingled in the studio and on tour. Individually and collectively they created a sound that changed the world’s musical landscape. FIREFALL is one of the few surviving bands of this genre, remaining true to it’s founding vision and roots despite personnel changes over it’s thirty year history. The band transcends and embraces many industry labels - rock, soft rock, country rock, easy listening, unplugged, Americana and contemporary country... “I think it’s great that in this day and age of trends that change overnight, a kind of music we helped create thirty years ago is still around and growing in popularity.” -- JOCK BARTLEY..

For co-founder Jock Bartley, FIREFALL has not only represented an opportunity to make quality music over the course of 30 years, but also represents a personal, heartfelt commitment to maintaining the tradition of a contemporary musical genre he and his peers helped create. Shared the past twenty years with band members Steven Weinmeister (vocals, guitar), Sandy Ficca (drums), Bil Hopkins (vocals, bass) and Chris Ball (sax, flute and keyboards), this commitment has successfully carried FIREFALL through three decades of distinctive music... From 1976 through the early 1980s, the Boulder, Colorado-based rock band, FIREFALL, saturated the national radio waves and toured the world over, selling millions of records and earning two platinum and three gold albums for their efforts. They shared stages with the top bands of the day - Fleetwood Mac, The Doobie Brothers, The Band, Lynard Skynard, Marshall Tucker Band, Chicago, The Beach Boys, Loggins & Messina, America, Bob Seger, Heart and many many others. The band dazzled audiences with their exuberant and rocking performances - this was no ‘light rock’ band. FIREFALL is a group of exceptional musicians and singers, with a repertoire of radio recognizable songs few bands can match. Their many hits - “You Are The Woman,” “Just Remember I Love You,” “Strange Way,” “Cinderella,” “Mexico,” “Livin Aint Livin,” “So Long,” “Goodbye, I Love You,” “Sweet and Sour” and others - are faithfully recreated with a freshness rare in live performances of such classics... In the 1990s, Rhino Records began releasing their original albums on CD, including the compilation, FIREFALL’S GREATEST HITS. With lead guitarist, singer and songwriter, Jock Bartley, as a constant, these classic albums boast such musical stand-outs as band members: Rick Roberts, Mark Andes, Michael Clarke, Larry Burnett, David Muse and John Sambataro; with guest appearances on Firefall records by greats like Stephen Stills, Richie Furay, David Sanborn, Timothy B. Schmidt (Eagles) and Bill Payne (Little Feat)... With FIREFALL’S 1994 CD release, ‘MESSENGER,’ the band continued to expand upon their distinctive sound. It is filled with passionate lyrical incisiveness, a great melodic range and diversity, and sociopolitical musings. “When The River Rises” was written for and dedicated to the 1993 Midwest Flood Victims, with a portion of the proceeds from this song having gone to disaster relief. Jock Bartley’s uplifting song of 1998, ‘Call On Me,’ became an anthem of sorts for Suicide Prevention. As a spokesman for the cause and the first-ever national crisis hotline network, 1(800) SUICIDE, he helped to put on three fund raising benefits around the country featuring such musical luminaries as Michael McDonald, Wynonna Judd, Journey, Steve Winwood, David Pack of Ambrosia and Rusty Young of Poco. ‘Call On Me’ is included on Jock’s first ever solo CD, ‘BLINDSIDE,’ released in late 2006... Throughout the years, FIREFALL has nurtured their faithful and growing audience through their dynamic live concert performances, which have continually brought in new generations of fans. The “experience” of FIREFALL’s live concerts leaves their fans, old and new, thinking that they’ve just seen one of the best concerts they’ve ever seen... With the wealth of old songs and new, FIREFALL demonstrates the depth and diversity of the band’s lyrical and musical excellence, often including an acoustic or ”unplugged” mini-set in their longer performances. Their tight harmonies and intricate vocal arrangements are a fresh reminder of what melodic music is all about. The excellence of musicianship is intensely felt and appreciated by audiences - the response to the solos and many extended “jams” in concert is overwhelming, infectious helpings of fun and spontaneity in the highest degree... FIREFALL was one of the first bands to bring the creativity and musical richness of the Rocky Mountain area to the forefront of the industry. The resurgence of this diverse musical hotbed has since given way to the likes of Big Head Todd and the Monsters, The Samples, The String Cheese Incident... and once again, FIREFALL... And so, the band has come full circle. In thirty years of making exceptional music, FIREFALL has distinguished themselves as one of the top bands from the genre of music called Americana. They helped spearhead the birth and continuation of the country-rock/folk-rock sound of the Seventies. FIREFALL is as vital and valid as ever, standing out as one of the few remaining torchbearers for harmony-laden rock; a welcome blast from the past focused firmly on the future.


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